Blurred Lines in STEM Careers

March 2, 2017

In today’s economy, the line between traditional STEM and non-STEM careers has blurred due to the dizzying rate of technological advances. In fact, while less than 4% of the U.S. workforce in 2010 was classified as working in a science or engineering field, nearly 20% of all occupations may require significant STEM knowledge and skill in at least one field.





To prepare our kids to excel in this 21st century workforce, as part of our Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO) national initiative, ASAS is equipping students with these essential science, technology, engineering and mathematical skills. Across the country, our kids are learning how to mix sound digitally, build creative circuitry, use 3D printers, build robots, code, and even design video games.





To support this critical effort, partners like GSK have stepped up. Through GSK’s grant, fueling the addition of STEM classes, Philadelphia 5th grader Emanuel has the opportunity to learn coding and robotics. He was interested in STEM before joining ASAS, and participating in our STEM classes has solidified his desire to pursue a career in engineering. Emanual is often the first among his peers to successfully complete the robotics assignment of the day and is a natural coder. Emanuel has expressed interest in pursuing a college education and future career in engineering, and we’re glad that we’ve provided him with that spark and helped him discover his passion.



Whether racing robots or mixing sound, experiences like these fuel students’ career passions: in fact, 73.1% of CEO participants now report know the education or experience necessary for the career they are interested in, 10% higher than non-CEO participants.


Together, ASAS and GSK ensure that more than 1,250 children in 10 U.S. cities are prepared for the workforce of tomorrow!